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November 27, 2019

Constellation Software, CSU TSX Stock Review November

Top pick by Robert McWhirter, his past picks were up 15% for the year since Jan 19

Huge company
Top pick on BNN Canada
Canadian company
Reason being the company keeps buying other companies
Constellation Software has lots of money to spend
Stock is priced at $1400 currently

Shopify (SHOP) Stock Review November

  • Taking on Amazon empire
  • Full one stop shop with own brand
  • People testing Shopify first then Amazon
  • Great growth story in Canada, big business
  • Doesn’t earn that much money, has a high multiple
  • Tech companies Facebook, Google have better valuations

AliBaba (BABA) Stock Review November

  • Reporters bullish on AliBaba (BABA), listing on Hong Kong stock market which will bring up the price ($190 USD currently)
  • Good fundamentals
  • Annual users still growing
  • Spend amount per user is increasing
  • Price is same price it was two years ago
  • Mike Newton BNN reporter expects the stock to double in 5 years, CNBC reporters expecting similar results
  • Cloud business is growing well over 60%, John Freeman of CFRA Research is very bullish on Baba’s cloud business
  • CNBC reporters comparing to Google, saying it can grow to that size

Canopy Growth (CGC) Stock Review November

  • Mike Newton on BNN, says to cut loss if your down
  • Doesn’t see the stock that strong compare to Visa etc.
  • Says to wait two months and look back in Jan 2020

Mike Newton of Scotia Wealth gives his outlook for Restaurant Brands (QSR)

  • Bad report from Tim Hortons, not a great growth rate
  • Burger King moving into India
  • QSR – Quick Service Restaurant
  • Burger King, Popeyes, Tim Hortons
  • Would buy, strong buy

Other notes:

  • Dazn hit over 8 million subscribers
  • White House reviewing Vaping, convo got heated included Mitt Romney, kids vaping in high schools
  • Tesla cybertruck premiered, window broke when Eli demoing
  • Target has a great earning report, shares at $127
  • WeWork always has bad news coming out, company is not profitable
  • Apple airpods continue to grow sales, surging sales. Apple and MSFT are the big drivers of the tech industry
  • Biotechnology stocks are busting out over the past week, Biogen, Amgen, IBB
  • Most analyst say Lyft is better buy than Uber, Uber stripped of license in London, Jim Cramer says to buy Uber as it still has opportunity to grow
  • Splunk surges on good earnings report, attractive takeover company by a big tech company
  • Dollar Tree has bad Q3 results, stock down about 15%
  • Dow, S&P 500 and Nasdaq close at record highs

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