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November 27, 2019
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December 2, 2019

2019 IPOS include:

  • Beyond Meet
  • Lyft
  • Zoom Video
  • Luckin Coffee
  • Karuna
  • Palomar Holdings

Some of the IPO laggards include:

  • Uber and Smile Direct Club

Alex Ruus discusses Canopy Growth

  • Hired Goldman Sachs veteran recently Judy Hong
  • Ruus says it looks like Canopy has run out of momentum
  • Says they are losing money, should stay away from entire sector for the next month or so
  • Ruus was down about 10% on his BNN Past Picks segment, not a good return compare to other reporters
  • Weed stocks have been getting thrashed lately
  • Weed stock prices are cheap right now but that doesn’t mean its good time to buy

Other CGC notes:

  • David Klein hired as new CEO, his main goal will be to cut production costs
  • Stock jumped about 12% on news

Bruce Murray, portfolio manager, CEO, and CIO of The Murray Wealth Group, discusses Apple’s Stock

  • Wants to know how much money can Apple make from the software side in the future
  • Says he is comfortable investing in Apple
  • Bruce Murray was up about 25% in his BNN Past Picks segment which is respectable

Bruce Murray talks about Sun Life Financial’s stock (SLF)

  • Up about 27% for the last year, hitting a high
  • Well managed company
  • Need to make a big acquisition, looking at making one
  • Hes comfortable with it and its his biggest holding

Activision Blizzard NASDAQ: ATVI Stock Review:

  • Call of Duty their main game
  • Video gaming is bigger industry then movie theater business now
  • Stadiums are selling out in tournements
  • Fortnite is competition
  • Video gaming is looking good going forward, good entry point at $53

Other notes:

  • Jim Cramer has a rule when selling stocks that “nobody ever made a dime panicking” . Don’t sell when panicking, there will always be a better time to sell
  • Norway, Finland leading in renewable energy efficiency, Tesla is one of the tech companies leading
  • Ross Healy on BNN his past picks were at 25% return, David Baskin was also on his return was 12%

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